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DC7952  (CAS:138977-28-3)
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Fields of Application :
Capsazepine is a synthetic analogue of the sensory neurone excitotoxin, capsaicin; potent TRPV1 receptor antagonist with IC50 of 562 nM.
CAS Number: 138977-28-3


Molecular Weight: 376.9
Molecular Formula: C19H21ClN2O2S
Quality Control: HPLCNMR LC/MS(Please contact us to get the QC report)
Chemical Name: N-?[2-?(4-?Chlorophenyl)?ethyl]?-?1,3,4,5-?tetrahydro-?7,8-?dihydroxy-?2H-?2-?benzazepine-?2-?carbothioamide
Storage: 2 years -20C Powder, 2 weeks4C in DMSO,6 months-80C in DMSO
Note: Products for research use only, not for human use
Capsazepine potentiated the effect of TRAIL, as shown by its effect on intracellular esterase activity; activation of caspase-8,-9, and -3; and colony-formation assay. Capsazepine induced death receptors (DRs) DR5 and DR4, but not decoy receptors, at the transcriptional level and in a non-cell-type-specific manner . Capsazepine (10 microM) reversibly reduced or abolished the current response to capsaicin (500 nM) of voltage-clamped dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurones from rats For the detailed information of capasazepine , the solubility of capasazepine in water, the solubility of capasazepine in DMSO, the solubility of capasazepine in PBS buffer, the animal experiment (test) of capasazepine , the cell expriment (test) of capasazepine , the in vivo, in vitro and clinical trial test of capasazepine , the EC50, IC50,and affinity,of capasazepine , Please contact DC Chemicals.
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