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DC28755 BMVC-8C3O Featured

BMVC-8C3O is a DNA G-quadruplexe (G4) ligand which can induce topological conversion of non-parallel to parallel forms in human telomeric DNA G4s.

DC28938 BMVC

BMVC is a potent G-quadruplex (G4) stabilizer and a selective telomerase inhibitor with an IC50 of ~0.2 μM. BMVC inhibits Taq DNA polymerase with an IC50 of ~2.5 μM. BMVC increases the melting temperature of G4 structure of telomere and accelerates telomere length shortening. Anticancer activities.

DC28939 BMVC2

BMVC2 (o-BMVC) is a bisubstitute carbazole derivative of BMVC. BMVC2 is a G-quadruplex (G4) stabilizer.

DC49568 MM41

MM41 is a potent stabilizer of human telomeric and gene promoter DNA quadruplexes. MM41 is potently against the MIA PaCa-2 pancreatic cancer cell line with IC50 value of <10 nM.

DC49569 L5-DA

L5-DA is a G-quadruplex (G4) ligand and selectively stabilized for G4s over ds26. L5-DA exhibits significant cytotoxicity against HeLa cells (IC50=4.3 μM). L5-DA stabilizes G4s in HeLa cells, induces apoptosis, and cell cycle arrest.

DC72024 SOP1812

SOP1812 is a naphthalene diimide (ND) derivative with anti-tumor activity. SOP1812 binds to quadruplex arrangements (G4s), and down-regulates several cancer gene pathways. SOP1812 shows great affinity to hTERT G4 and HuTel21 G4 with KD values of 4.9 and 28.4 nM, respectively. SOP1812 can be used for the research of cancer.

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