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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC9588 Dofequidar (fumarate)

Dofequidar fumarate(MS-209 fumarate), an orally active quinoline compound, has been reported to overcome MDR by inhibiting ABCB1/P-gp, ABCC1/MDR-associated protein 1, or both.

DC8301 Elacridar Featured

Elacridar is an orally selectly potent P-glycoprotein (P-gp/ABCG1) inhibitor.

DC2018 LY335979 (Zosuquidar 3HCl) Featured

LY335979 (Zosuquidar) is a potent modulator of P-glycoprotein-mediated multidrug resistance with Ki of 60 nM.

DC1102 Tariquidar (XR9576)

Tariquidar (XR9576) is a potent and selective noncompetitive inhibitor of P-glycoprotein with Kd of 5.1 nM.

DC9813 Valspodar(PSC833) Featured

Valspodar(PSC833) is a P-glycoprotein (P-gp) inhibitor widely used in preclinical and clinical studies for overcoming multidrug resistance (MDR).

DC28813 (R)-Verapamil hydrochloride

(R)-Verapamil hydrochloride ((R)-(+)-Verapamil hydrochloride) is a P-Glycoprotein inhibitor. (R)-Verapamil hydrochloride blocks MRP1 mediated transport, resulting in chemosensitization of MRP1-overexpressing cells to anticancer drugs.

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