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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC12016 NB 001

A potent, relatively selective and orally active adenylyl cyclase 1 (AC1) inhibitor with IC50 of 10 uM (cAMP production inhibition).

DC12017 NKY80

A potent, selective adenylyl cyclase AC5/6 inhibitor with IC50 of 7.7/17 uM, respectively.

DC9967 SQ22536 Featured

SQ 22536 is a inhibitor of adenylyl cyclase (IC50 = 1.4 μM).

DC10553 ST034307 Featured

ST034307 is a potent and selective adenylyl cyclase 1 (AC1) inhibitor, with IC50 of 2.3 μM.

DC42519 Cholera toxin

Cholera toxin (Choleragen), an AB(5)-subunit toxin, enters host cells by binding the ganglioside GM1 at the plasma membrane (PM) and travels retrograde through the trans-Golgi Network into the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Choleragen activates adenylate cyclase by catalyzing ADP-ribosylation of Gs alpha, the stimulatory guanine nucleotide-binding protein.

DC44789 TIP 39, Tuberoinfundibular Neuropeptide

TIP 39, Tuberoinfundibular Neuropeptide is a neuropeptide and parathyroid hormone 2 receptor (PTH2R) agonist. TIP 39 is highly conserved among species. TIP39 from all species activates adenylyl cyclase and elevates intracellular calcium levels through parathyroid hormone 2 receptor (PTH2R).

DC46365 TDI-10229

TDI-10229 is a potent and orally bioavailable inhibitor of soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC, ADCY10). TDI-10229 displays nanomolar inhibition of sAC in both biochemical and cellular assays (IC50 of 195 nM) and exhibits mouse pharmacokinetic properties sufficient to warrant its use as an in vivo tool compound.

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