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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC8840 CB-5083 Featured

CB-5083 is a novel first in class, potent orally bio-available p97 inhibitor that disrupts cellular protein homeostasis and demonstrates anti-tumor activity in solid and hematological models .

DC8576 ML-240 Featured

ML-240 is am ATP-competitive inhibitor of p97 ATPase (IC50 = 110 nM).

DC9307 ML-241 Featured

ML241 is a potent, selective, and reversible inhibitor of the AAA ATPase p97 (IC50=100 nM). It blocks p97-dependent proteasome substrate with an IC50 of 3500 nM.

DC48941 p97-IN-1 Featured

p97-IN-1 is a potent p97 inhibitor with an IC50 <30 nM (WO2015109285A1, compound FF07).

DC70072 ML-241 hydrochloride

ML241 Hcl is a potent, selective and reversible AAA ATPase p97 inhibitor (IC50=100 nM).

DC70413 FL-18

FL-18 (p97 inhibitor FL-18) is is the first small-molecule covalent inhibitor of VCP/p97 AAA ATPase with IC50 of 59.3 nM, capable of covalent engagement of p97 with proteome-wide selectivity.FL-18 showed better inhibition potency than NMS-873, a well-known p97 inhibitor.FL-18 covalently modified C522 residue in p97 and showed potent enzymatic inhibition.FL-18 showed potent inhibition towards U87MG glioma cancer cells (IC50=31 nM).FL-18 inhibited the p97 activity and induced aggregation of ubiquitinated proteins in U87MG cells.

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