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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC8272 U-104 Featured

U-104 is a potent carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor for CA IX and CA XII with Ki of 45.1 nM and 4.5 nM; low inhibition for CA I and CA II.

DC44166 EMAC10101d Featured

EMAC10101d is a potent and selective toward hCA II inhibitor, with a Ki of 8.1 nM.

DC45776 Benzolamide

Benzolamide (CL11366) is a potent carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor, with Kis of 15 nM, 9 nM, 94 nM and 78 nM for hCA I, hCA II, EcoCAγ and VchCAγ, respectively. Benzolamide also inhibits CAS3, with a Ki of 54 nM. Benzolamide can be used for the research of glaucoma and seizures.

DC47714 (E)-Dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol

(E)-Dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol behaves as good hCA IX and hCA XII dual inhibitors. And (E)-Dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol suppresses the NF-κB nuclear translocation in connective tissue of healing area.

DC48555 Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 2

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 3 (compound 7c) is a carbonic anhydrase II inhibitor. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 3 reduces the intraocular pressure in glaucomatous rabbits.

DC48636 Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 3

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 3 (compound 11g) is a carbonic anhydrase II inhibitor. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 3 reduces the intraocular pressure in glaucomatous rabbits.

DC49727 Human carbonic anhydrase II-IN-1

Human carbonic anhydrase II-IN-1 (Compound S-13) is a potent human carbonic anhydrase II (hCA II) inhibitor with a Ki of 4.4 nM. Human carbonic anhydrase II-IN-1 also inhibits other hCAs isoforms I, IV and IX, with Ki values of 9.2 nM, 480.2 nM and 14.7 nM, respectively. Human carbonic anhydrase II-IN-1 can be used for glaucoma research.

DC49728 Human carbonic anhydrase II-IN-2

Human carbonic anhydrase II-IN-24 (Compound R-13) is a potent human carbonic anhydrase (hCA) inhibitor with Kis of 60.7, 320.7, 2298, and 35.2 nM for hCA I, II, IV and IX, respectively.

DC49729 Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 11

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 11 (compound VI) is a potent, selective carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 11 shows Ki values of 40, 39, 200 and 900 nM against CA II, IX, and XII, respectively.

DC49730 Girentuximab

Girentuximab (G250) is a chimeric monoclonal antibody that binds carbonic anhydrase IX (CAIX), a cell surface glycoprotein ubiquitously expressed in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC).

DC49731 Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 9

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 9 is a potent carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor with Kis of 56.4 and 56.9 nM for hCA II and IX, respectively. Antiproliferative activity.

DC49732 Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 12

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 12 is a potent CA II inhibitor, also has inhibitory activity in CA I (Kis of 1.72 and 271 nM in CA II and CA I, respectively). Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 12 has potent anticancer activity against different cancer cell lines.

DC71380 Clofenamide

Clofenamide (Aquedux) is a carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor. Clofenamide exhibits diuretic activity.

DC71806 Disulfamide

Disulfamide, an orally active diuretic, is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor with the IC50 value of 0.07 μM. Disulfamide leads to diuresis by inhibiting carbonic anhydrase and preventing the reabsorption of sodium and bicarbonate in the proximal tubule.

DC71807 Phenylsulfamide

Phenylsulfamide (Compound 10) is a human carbonic anhydrase-II (hCA-II) inhibitor with a Kd of 45.50 μM and a Ki of 79.60 μM.

DC72370 VM4-037

VM4-037 can be used for the synthesis of VM4-037(18F). VM4-037(18F) is a fluorinated PET imaging agent for carbonic anhydrase IX.

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