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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC28277 AKOS-22

AKOS-22 is a potent mitochondrial protein VDAC1 (voltage-dependent anion channel 1) inhibitor (Kd=15.4 μM). AKOS-22 interacts with VDAC1 and inhibiting both VDAC1 oligomerization and apoptosis. AKOS-22 protects against mitochondrial dysfunction.

DC44165 WEHI-9625

WEHI-9625 is a tricyclic sulfone, first-in-class inhibitor of apoptosis with an EC50 of 69 nM. WEHI-9625 binds to VDAC2 and promotes its ability to inhibit apoptosis driven by mouse BAK. WEHI-9625 is completely inactive against both human BAK and the closely related apoptosis effector BAX.

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