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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC5083 Cinacalcet (AMG-073) HCl Featured

AMG-073 HCl (Cinacalcet HCl) represents a new class of compounds for the treatment of hyperparathyroidism.

DC9386 Calcium-Sensing Receptor Antagonists I

Calcium-Sensing Receptor Antagonists I is an antagonist of calcium-sensing parathyroid hormone receptors.

DC8801 Cinacalcet (AMG-073) Featured

Cinacalcet(AMG-073) is an orally active, second-generation calcimimetic compound; AMG 073 represents a new class of compounds for the treatment of hyperparathyroidism.

DC4136 NPS-2143 HCL

NPS 2143 hydrochloride is a selective CaSR (Ca2+-sensing receptor) inhibitor and antagonist, shown to block increases in cytoplasmic Ca2+ concentrations elicited by human Ca2+ receptors expressed in HEK293 cells with an IC50 of 43 nM. NPS 2143 hydrochlori

DC7214 NPS-2143(SB 262470A )

NPS-2143(SB 262470A ) is a selective potent calcium ion-sensing receptor antagonist with IC50 of 43 and 41 nM for cytoplasmic Ca2+ concentrations and parathyroid hormone secretion, respectively.

DCAPI1445 strontium ranelate

Strontium Ranelate is a bone metabolism modulator that inhibits bone resorption while maintaining bone formation. Commonly used as an antiosteoporotic.

DC42449 SB-423562 Featured

SB-423562 is a short-acting calcium-sensing receptor (CaR) antagonist.

DC46421 Gadolinium chloride

Gadolinium chloride is a specific calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) agonist. Gadolinium chloride can be used for the research of cardiovascular disease.

DC48388 Upacicalcet sodium

Upacicalcet (sodium) is an intravenous calcimimetic agent. Upacicalcet suppresses excessive parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion, thereby lowering blood PTH levels, by acting directly on parathyroid cell membrane calcium-sensing receptors. Upacicalcet can be used for researching the disease of secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT).

DC70092 GSK3004774

GSK3004774 (GSK-3004774) is a potent, nonabsorbable, gastrointestinally-restricted agonist agonist of calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) with pEC50 of 7.3.

DC72765 Evocalcet Featured

Evocalcet (KHK7580) is an novel oral calcimimetic agent which acts via allosteric activation of the calcium sensing receptor (CaSR). Evocalcet (0, 20 and 60 nM) dose-dependently increases cytoplasmic [Ca2+] concentrations with an EC50 value of 92.7 nM in hCaR-HEK293 cells.

DC73385 (S)-AC-265347

(S)-AC-265347 is a potent, selective CaSR agonist and positive allosteric modulator (ago-PAM), 10- to 20-fold more potent than (R)-AC-265347.

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