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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DCC-073 Gossypol-acetic acid

>98%,Standard References

DC11631 INCB040093

A novel potent, selective, orally available PI3Kδ inhibitor with IC50 of 31 nM.

DC11716 XL-844

A potent, specific, orally available, ATP‑competitive inhibitor of Chk1 and Chk2 with Ki of 2.2 nM and 0.07 nM, respectively.

DC5027 ABC294640(Opaganib) Featured

ABC294640 is an orally available, aryladamantane compound and selective inhibitor of sphingosine kinase-2 (SK2) with potential antineoplastic activity.

DC4127 ABT-263 (Navitoclax) Featured

ABT-263 (Navitoclax) is a potent inhibitor of Bcl-xL, Bcl-2 and Bcl-w with Ki of ≤ 0.5 nM, ≤1 nM and ≤ 1 nM, respectively.

DC9660 Acalabrutinib(ACP196) Featured

Acalabrutinib (ACP-196) is a second-generation, selective, irreversible inhibitor of BTK.

DC8760 Acalisib Featured

Acalisib (GS-9820) is a potent and selective inhibitor of PI3Kδ with IC50 value of 12.7 nM.

DC8051 AG-120 (Ivosidenib) Featured

AG-120 is a first-in-class, orally available, selective, potent inhibitor of the mutated IDH1 protein.

DC8374 AG-221(Enasidenib) Featured

AG-221 is an orally available, selective, potent inhibitor of the mutated IDH2 protein.

DC2096 AG490 Featured

AG-490 (Tyrphostin B42) is an inhibitor of EGFR, ErbB2 and JAK2 with IC50 of 0.1 μM, 13.5 μM, and ~10 μM, respectively.

DC10439 Vorasidenib (AG881) Featured

AG-881 is a potent and selective orally available inhibitor of mutated forms of both isocitrate dehydrogenase type 1 (IDH1) in the cytoplasm and type 2 (IDH2).

DC9366 AMG 900 Featured

AMG 900 is a potent and highly selective pan-Aurora kinases inhibitor for Aurora A/B/C with IC50 of 5 nM/4 nM /1 nM; >10-fold selective for Aurora kinases than p38α, Tyk2, JNK2, Met and Tie2.

DC6311 Pomalidomide Featured

An inhibitor of LPS-induced TNFαrelease.Pomalidomide is thalidomide derivative that displays inhibition of LPS-induced TNFα release. Shows immunomodulator and anticancer effects.

DC1020 Ponatinib (AP24534) Featured

AP24534 is a novel, potent multi-target inhibitor of Abl, PDGFRα, VEGFR2, FGFR1 and Src with IC50 of 0.37 nM, 1.1 nM, 1.5 nM, 2.2 nM and 5.4 nM, respectively.

DC8275 Apilimod Featured

Apilimod(STA 5326) is a potent IL-12/IL-23 inhibitor, IL-12 production in cultures of IFN-r/LPS–stimulated human PBMCs is strongly inhibited by STA-5326 with an IC50 of 10 nM.

DC8664 APTO-253

APTO-253 is a novel small molecule with potent anti-tumor activity in cancer cells via induction of the gene that expresses the Krüppel-like factor 4 (KLF4) master transcription factor, leading to cell cycle inhibition and programmed cell death.

DC9972 ARQ-092(Miransertib) Featured

ARQ 092 is an oral activie, potent and selective AKT inhibitor with IC50 values: 5.0 nM (AKT1); 4.5 nM (AKT2); 16 nM (AKT3).

DC10975 ARQ-531 Featured

ARQ-531 is a potent, reversible, orally available inhibitor of both wild type and C481S-mutant BTK kinase with IC50 of 0.85 and 0.39 nM,

DC7359 Asp-3026 Featured

ASP3026 is a novel and selective inhibitor for ALK with IC50 of 3.5 nM.

DC2015 AT-101 (AT101)

AT-101 is a BH3 mimetic known to be a potent inhibitor of antiapoptotic Bcl-2 family members.

DC9676 AT7519 Featured

AT7519 is a multi-CDK inhibitor for CDK1, 2, 4, 6 and 9 with IC50 of 10-210 nM; less potent to CDK3 and little active to CDK7.

DC1025 AT7519 HCL Featured

AT7519 is a novel multi-CDK inhibitor for CDK1/cyclin B, CDK2/Cyclin A, CDK3/Cyclin E, CDK4/Cyclin D1, CDK5/p35 and CDK6/Cyclin D3 with IC50 of 210 nM, 47 nM, 360 nM, 100 nM, 13 nM and 170 nM, respectively.

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