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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC11615 γ-secretase modulator 14a

A potent, selective, orally active γ-secretase modulator with Aβ42 IC50 of 39 nM.

DC3114 Avagacestat (BMS-708163) Featured

BMS-708163 is a potent, selective γ-secretase inhibitor of Aβ40 and Aβ42 with IC50 of 0.3 nM and 0.27 nM, respectively.

DC7396 DAPT Featured

DAPT(GSI-IX) is an inhibitor of γ-secretase; DAPT causes a reduction in Aβ40 and Aβ42 levels in human primary neuronal cultures (IC50 values are 115 and 200 nM for total Aβ and Aβ42 respectively) and in brain extract, cerebrospinal fluid and plasma.

DC8277 E-2012 Featured

E 2012 is a potent γ-secretase modulator.

DC8615 L-685,458 Featured

L-685,458 is a selective and Potent inhibitor of γ-secretase with IC50 value of 17 nM.

DC5036 LY-411575 Featured

LY411575 is a potent γ-secretase inhibitor with IC50 of 0.078 nM/0.082 nM (membrane/cell-based), also inhibits Notch clevage with withIC50 of 0.39 nM.

DC10926 LY900009 Featured

LY900009 (LY-900009) is an orally active small molecule inhibitor of Notch signalling via selective inhibition of the γ-secretase protein.

DC3122 MRK003

MRK003 is a γ-secretase inhibitor exhibits promising in vitro pre-clinical activity in multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

DC8215 RO4929097 Featured

RO4929097 is a γ secretase inhibitor with IC50 of 4 nM, inhibiting cellular processing of Aβ40 and Notch with EC50 of 14 nM and 5 nM, respectively.

DC7496 Semagacestat Featured

Semagacestat (LY450139) is a γ-secretase blocker for Aβ42, Aβ40 and Aβ38 with IC50 of 10.9 nM, 12.1 nM and 12.0 nM, also inhibits Notch signaling with IC50 of 14.1 nM.

DC7666 MK0752 Featured

MK-0752 is a moderately potent γ-secretase inhibitor, which reduces Aβ40 production with IC50 of 5 nM. Phase 1/2.

DC28074 gamma-secretase modulator 1 hydrochloride

gamma-secretase inhibitior-1 is a gamma-secretase modulator, γ-secretase inhibitior-1 is useful for Alzheimer's disease.

DC28675 Aβ42-IN-1

Aβ42-IN-1, compound 1v, is a novel, potent and orally active γ-secretase modulator (GSM). Aβ42-IN-1 potently reduced Aβ42 levels with an IC50 value of 0.091 µM without CYP3A4 inhibition. Aβ42-IN-1 shows a sustained pharmacokinetic profile.

DC28676 Aβ42-IN-1 free base

Aβ42-IN-1 free base (compound 1v) is an orally active, high brain exposure γ-secretase modulator. Aβ42-IN-1 free base potently reduces Aβ42 levels with an IC50 value of 0.091 µM, and significantly reduces brain Aβ42 levels in mice. Aβ42-IN-1 free base is a promising compound for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

DC41016 Aβ42-IN-2

Aβ42-IN-2 is a γ-secretase modulators extracted from patent WO2016070107, compound example 36. Aβ42-IN-2 has an IC50 of 6.5 nM for Αβ42. Aβ42-IN-2 can be used for the research of a disorder associated with aberrant A3 peptide levels, including Alzheimer's disease.

DC42428 Ilorasertib

Ilorasertib (ABT-348) is a potent and ATP-competitive multitargeted kinase, which inhibits Aurora C, Aurora B, and Aurora A with IC50s of 1 nM, 7 nM, 120 nM, respectively. Ilorasertib also suppresses RET tyrosine kinase, PDGFRβ and Flt1 with IC50s of 7 nM, 3 nM and 32 nM, respectively.

DC42429 LY-411575 (isomer 2)

LY-411575 isomer 2 is an isomer of LY411575, which is a potent γ-secretase.

DC46065 3,5-Bis(4-nitrophenoxy)benzoic acid

3,5-Bis(4-nitrophenoxy)benzoic acid is an inhibitor of γ-secretase. 3,5-Bis(4-nitrophenoxy)benzoic acid causes a decrease in the released levels of Aβ42 and notch-1 Aβ-like peptide 25 (Nβ25). 3,5-Bis(4-nitrophenoxy)benzoic acid, as a marker for fetal hypothyroidism, is a 3,3’-diiodothyronine sulfate (T2S) cross-reactive material in maternal serum.

DC46244 γ-Secretase modulator 4

γ-Secretase modulator 4 is a potent γ-secretase modulator, reduces the Aβ42 level with IC50s of 0.014 μM and 0.017 μM in human and mouse, respectively.

DC46415 BPN-15606 besylate

BPN-15606 besylate is a highly potent, orally active γ-secretase modulator (GSM), attenuates the production of Aβ42 and Aβ40 by SHSY5Y neuroblastoma cells with IC50 values of 7 nM and 17nM, respectively. BPN-15606 besylate lowers Aβ42 and Aβ40 levels in the central nervous system of rats and mice. BPN-15606 besylate has acceptable PK/PD properties, including bioavailability, half-life, and clearance.

DC47093 Fosciclopirox Featured

Fosciclopirox suppresses growth of urothelial cancer by targeting the γ-secretase complex. Fosciclopirox selectively delivers the active metabolite, Ciclopirox (CPX), to the entire urinary tract. Ciclopirox has anticancer activity in a number of solid and hematologic malignancies.

DC47320 FRM-024 Featured

FRM-024 is a potent CNS-penetrant gamma secretase modulator for familial Alzheimer’s disease.

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