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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC28329 VTP50469 Featured

VTP50469 is a potent, highly selective and orally active Menin-MLL interaction inhibitor with a Ki of 104 pM. VTP50469 has potently anti-leukemia activity.

DC28330 VTP50469 fumarate

VTP50469 fumarate is a potent, highly selective and orally active Menin-MLL interaction inhibitor with a Ki of 104 pM. VTP50469 fumarate has potently anti-leukemia activity.

DC28332 GSK8814

GSK8814 is a potent, selective, and ATAD2/2B bromodomain chemical probe and inhibitor, with a binding constant pKd=8.1 and a pKi=8.9 in BROMOscan. GSK8814 binds to ATAD2 and BRD4 BD1 with pIC50s of 7.3 and 4.6, respectively. GSK8814 shows 500-fold selectivity for ATAD2 over BRD4 BD1.

DC28468 MS31 trihydrochloride

MS31 trihydrochloride is a potent, cell permeable, highly affinity, and highly selective fragment-like methyllysine reader protein spindlin 1 (SPIN1) inhibitor. MS31 trihydrochloride potently inhibits the interactions between SPIN1 and H3K4me3 (IC50=77 nM, AlphaLISA; 243 nM, FP). MS31 trihydrochloride selectively binds Tudor domain II of SPIN1 (Kd=91 nM). MS31 potently inhibits binding of trimethyllysine-containing peptides to SPIN1, and is not toxic to nontumorigenic cells.

DC28603 PROTAC BRD4 ligand-1

PROTAC BRD4 ligand-1 is a potent BET inhibitor and a ligand for target BRD4 protein for PROTACT.

DC28677 PROTAC BRD2/BRD4 degrader-1

PROTAC BRD2/BRD4 degrader-1 (compound 15) is a potent and selective BET protein BRD4 and BRD2 degrader. PROTAC BRD2/BRD4 degrader-1 rapidly induces reversible, long-lasting, and unexpectedly selective removal of BRD4 and BRD2 over BRD3. It effectively inhibits solid tumors with low cytotoxic effect. PROTAC BRD2/BRD4 degrader-1 is composed of the BET inhibitor, a linker, and the ligand thalidomide for cereblon (CRBN)/cullin 4A.

DC28682 LT052

LT052 is a highly selective BET BD1 inhibitor. LT052 displays inhibitory activity against BRD4 (BD1), BRD3 (BD1) and BRDT (BD1) with IC50s of 87.7, 246.3, and 357.1 nM, respectively. LT052 shows nanomolar BRD4 BD1 potency and 138-fold selectivity over BRD4 BD2. LT052 has inhibitory activities against BRPF1b (IC50=567.5 nM). LT052 has anti-inflammatory activity.

DC28785 OXFBD04

OXFBD04 is a potent and selective BRD4 inhibitor with an IC50 of 166 nM. OXFBD04 is a potent BET bromodomain ligand with additional modest affinity for the CREBBP bromodomain. OXFBD04 has anti-cancer activity.

DC39097 NEO2734 Featured

NEO2734 (EP31670) is a novel, orally active and selective dual inhibitor of p300/CBP and BET bromodomain with IC50 of both <30 nM.

DC40150 MT1

MT1 is a bivalent chemical probe of BET bromodomains, with an IC50 of 0.789 nM for BRD4(1).

DC40205 TP-238

TP-238 is a potent and selective dual CECR2/BPTF probe with pIC50 values of 7.5 and 6.5, respectively. TP-238 also inhibits BRD9 with a pIC50 of 5.9 and is less active against other 338 kinases.

DC40900 MI-3454

MI-3454 is an orally active, highly potent and selective menin-MLL1 interaction inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.51 nM. MI-3454 inhibits proliferation, induces differentiation and complete remission or regression of leukemia in mouse models of MLL1-rearranged or NPM1-mutated leukemia through downregulation of key genes involved in leukemogenesis.

DC41019 CBP/P300 bromodomain inhibitor-3

CBP/P300 bromodomain inhibitor-3 is a potent inhibitor of the CBP/P300 family of bromodomains. CBP/P300 bromodomain inhibitor-3 inhibits CBP (IC50=0.01-0.1 μΜ) and BRD4 (IC50=1-1000 μΜ) activity.

DC41049 Trotabresib (CC-90010) Featured

Trotabresib (CC-90010) is a reversible and orally active BET inhibitor. CC-90010 is applied in the study for advanced solid tumors.

DC41094 UNC926 hydrochloride

UNC926 hydrochloride is a methyl-lysine (Kme) reader domain inhibitor that inhibits L3MBTL1 with an IC50 of 3.9 μM.

DC42298 (+)-JQ-1-aldehyde

(+)-JQ-1-aldehyde is the aldehyde form of (+)-JQ1. (+)-JQ-1-aldehyde can be uesd as a precursor to synthesize PROTACs, which targets BET bromodomains.

DC42299 NHWD-870

NHWD-870 is a potent, orally active and selective BET family bromodomain and only binds bromodomains of BRD2, BRD3, BRD4 (IC50=2.7 nM), and BRDT. NHWD-870 has potent tumor suppressive efficacies and suppresses cancer cell-macrophage interaction. NHWD-870 increases tumor apoptosis and inhibits tumor proliferation.

DC42300 GSK620 Featured

GSK620 is a potent and orally active pan-BD2 with excellent broad selectivity, developability and in vivo oral pharmacokinetics. GSK620 is highly selective for the BET-BD2 family of proteins, with >200-fold selectivity over all other bromodomains. GSK620

DC42301 BET-IN-1

BET-IN-1 is a bromodomain extracted from patent WO/2013024104A1, compound example 2, has a plC50 in the range 6.0 - 7.0.

DC42491 GSK778(iBET-BD1 dihydrochloride) Featured

GSK778 (iBET-BD1) is a potent and selective BD1 bromodomain inhibitor of the BET proteins, with IC50s of 75 nM (BRD2 BD1), 41 nM (BRD3 BD1), 41 nM (BRD4 BD1), and 143 nM (BRDT BD1), respectively. GSK778 phenocopies the effects of pan-BET inhibitors in cancer models.

DC44107 BET bromodomain inhibitor 1

BET bromodomain inhibitor 1 is an orally active, selective bromodomain and extra-terminal (BET) bromodomain inhibitor with an IC50 of 2.6 nM for BRD4. BET bromodomain inhibitor 1 binds to BRD2(2), BRD3(2), BRD4(1), BRD4(2), and BRDT(2) with high affinities (Kd values of 1.3 nM, 1.0 nM, 3.0 nM, 1.6 nM, 2.1 nM, respectively). bromodomain inhibitor 1 has anti-cancer activity.

DC45796 M-1211

M‑1121 is a covalent and orally active inhibitor of the menin-MLL interaction capable of achieving complete and persistent tumor regression.

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