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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC11327 NSC 668036

NSC 668036 is an inhibitor of the Dishevelled (Dvl) protein PDZ domain (Kd = 240 μM for mouse Dvl1 PDZ domain).

DC70553 KY19334

KY19334 is a specific small molecule inhibitor of CXXC5-Dishevelled (Dvl) protein-protein interaction (PPI), restores the Wnt/β‐catenin signalling.KY19334 reverses obesity‐related metabolic diseases with adult tissue remodelling.Oral administration of KY19334 (25 mg/kg) suppressed fasting glucose levels improves obesity‐related insulin resistance with long‐lasting effect in HFD‐fed mice.KY19334 treatment improves hepatic glucose homeostasis. KY19334 enhances energy expenditure by increasing the thermogenic activity of beige‐fat tissues.KY19334 treatment restores β‐cell mass and functions in HFD‐fed and STZ‐induced diabetes mellitus (DM) mice.

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