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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DCAPI1356 Epalrestat


DC28180 Lidorestat

Lidorestat (IDD-676) is a potent, selective and orally active aldose reductase inhibitor with an IC50 of 5 nM. Lidorestat can be used for chronic diabetes complications. Lidorestat also improves nerve conduction and reduces cataract formation.

DC45829 Myrciacetin

Myrciacetin is a flavonoid from Rhododendron dauricum. Myrciacetin is against rat lens aldose reductase with an IC50 of 13 μM.

DC46017 Zenarestat

Zenarestat is a potent and orally active aldose reductase inhibitor. Zenarestat improves diabetic peripheral neuropathy in Zucker diabetic fatty rats.

DC49722 Aldose reductase-IN-3

Aldose reductase-IN-3 (Compound 5) is a potent and moderately selective inhibitor of aldose reductase (AR) with an IC50 of 3.99 μM. Aldose reductase has recently emerged as a molecular target that is involved in various inflammatory diseases, including sepsis. Aldose reductase-IN-3 has the potential for the research of sepsis.

DC49723 Aldose reductase-IN-2

Aldose reductase-IN-2 (Compound 5f) is a potent inhibitor of aldose reductase (AR). Aldose reductase-IN-2 has antioxidation capacity. Aldose reductase-IN-2 is a promising anti-diabetic complications agent.

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