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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC5060 (+)PD 128907

(+)PD 128907 is a potent D3 dopamine receptor agonist (Ki = 2.3 nM). Displays 18 - 200-fold selectivity over other dopamine receptor subtypes.

DCZ-059 L-Stepholidine Featured

Stepholidine s a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the herb Stephania intermedia. Stepholidine is a dual D2 receptor antagonist and D1 receptor agonist, and has shown antipsychotic activity in animal studies.

DC11974 L 741742 hydrochloride

A potent and highly selective D4 dopamine receptor antagonist with Ki of 3.5 nM, >200-fold selectivity over D2 and D3 receptors.

DC12015 SKF 83566 hydrobromide

A potent, selective dopamine D1 receptor antagonist with Ki of 0.56 nM.

DC11973 A-412997

A potent, selective dopamine D4 receptor agonist with Ki of 12.1 and 7.9 nM for rat and human D4 receptors, respectively.

DC11667 PF-592379

A potent, selective, orally active agonist of dopamine D3 receptor with EC50 of 21 nM.

DC11972 PNU 96415E

A potential antipsychotic agent that binds selectively to D4 and 5-HT2A receptors with Ki of 3.0 and 5.8 nM, respectively.

DC8713 Azaperone

Azaperone acts as a dopamine antagonist but also has some antihistaminic and anticholinergic properties. Azaperone is a pyridinylpiperazine and butyrophenone neuroleptic drug with sedative and antiemetic effects, which is used mainly as a tranquilizer in

DC8883 BP897 Featured

BP897 is a partially selective D3 dopamine receptor agonist.

DC8286 Brexpiprazole(OPC34712) Featured

Brexpiprazole is a novel D2 dopamine partial agonist.

DC9423 Cabergoline

Cabergoline, an ergot derivative, is a potent dopamine receptor agonist on D2 receptors.

DC8054 Cariprazine (RGH-188) Featured

Cariprazine (RGH-188) is a novel putative antipsychotic drug that exerts partial agonism at dopamine D2/D3 receptors, with preferential binding to D3 receptors, and partial agonism at serotonin 5-HT1A receptors.

DC7991 8-​Chloro-​11-​(4-​methyl-​1-​piperazinyl)​-​5H-​dibenzo[b,e]​(1,4)​diazepine N-oxide Featured

Clozapine N-oxide is a major metabolite of Clozapine noted to decrease SR-2A (5-HT2 serotonin receptor) density in vitro.

DC9067 Clozapine

Clozapine(HF 1854) is a 5-HT2A/2C and dopamine receptor blocker with Ki values of 21, 170, 170, 230 and 330 nM for D4, D3, D1, D2 and D5 receptors respectively.

DC11124 D-520

D-520 is a potent, multifunctional D2/D3 agonist with Ki of 41.8 /0.35 nM, modulates aggregation of alpha-synuclein (αSN) and reduces toxicity of preformed aggregates of αSN.

DC11103 Tavapadon Featured

Tavapadon is a potent, orally-bioavailable, selective partial agonist of the dopamine D1 and D5 receptors.

DC9164 Flupenthixol dihydrochloride Featured

Flupenthixol dihydrochloride is a typical antipsychotic of the thioxanthene class that acts as an antagonist at dopamine D2 receptors (Ki = 0.38 nM) and an inverse agonist at serotonin 5-HT2A receptors (Ki = 7 nM).1 It has also been identified as an inhib

DC11165 MLS6585

MLS6585 is a novel positive allosteric modulator of the D1 dopamine receptor, potentiatse dopamine-stimulated G-protein- and β-arrestin-mediated signaling and increase the affinity of dopamine for the D1 receptor with low micromolar potencies..

DC12351 NMI 8739

NMI 8739 is a dopamine D2 autoreceptor agonist, which is an amine conjugate of the DHA carrier and the neurotransmitter dopamine.

DC9134 Paliperidone

Paliperidone (9-hydroxyrisperidone) is a dopamine antagonist of the atypical antipsychotic class of medications.

DC9675 Pardoprunox.HCl(SLV-308) Featured

Pardoprunox hydrochloride is a novel partial dopamine D2 and D3 receptor agonist and serotonin 5-HT1A receptor agonist, D2 (pKi = 8.1) and D3 receptor (pKi = 8.6) partial agonist and 5-HT1A receptor (pKi = 8.5) full agonist.

DC6911 pardoprunox (SLV308) Featured

Pardoprunox(SLV-308) is a novel partial dopamine D2 and D3 receptor agonist and serotonin 5-HT1A receptor agonist; D2 (pKi = 8.1) and D3 receptor (pKi = 8.6) partial agonist (IA = 50% and 67%, respectively) and 5-HT1A receptor (pKi = 8.5) full agonist (IA

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