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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC42336 POMHEX Featured

POMHEX, a racemic mixture and a cell-permeable pivaloyloxymethyl (POM) prodrug of HEX, is a potent, ENO2-specific of enolase. POMHEX exhibits low-nanomolar potency against ENO1-deleted cells in vitro and is capable of eradicating ENO1-deleted xenografted tumours in vivo. POMHEX is a potent glycolysis.

DC48212 D-(-)-3-Phosphoglyceric acid disodium

D-(-)-3-Phosphoglyceric acid (3-Phospho-D-glyceric acid) disodium is an important intermediate in the enzyme-catalysed process of glycolysis. D-(-)-3-Phosphoglyceric acid disodium competitively inhibits yeast enolase.

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