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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC11544 Onapristone

A synthetic, steroidal progesterone receptor (PR) antagonist with reduced antiglucocorticoid activity compared to mifepristone..

DC9604 Desogestrel Featured

Desogestrel(Org-2969) is a third-generation 19-nortestosterone derivative progestogen; is contained in many oral contraceptive preparations, both combined (COCs) to ethinyl-estradiol (EE) or alone in a progestin-only pill (POP).

DC9605 Dienogest

Dienogest(STS-557) is a specific progesterone receptor agonist with potent oral endometrial activity and is used in the treatment of endometriosis.

DC9441 Etonogestrel

Etonogestrel is a steroidal progestin used in hormonal contraceptives.

DC10347 Gestrinone

Gestrinone (R2323) is a synthetic steroid hormone used to treat endometriosis. It inhibits leiomyoma cells with an IC50 of 43.67 μM.

DC10237 Hydroxyprogesterone caproate

Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate is a synthetic progestational agent. It binds to and activates nuclear progesterone receptors in the reproductive system and inhibits ovulation and an alteration in the cervical mucus and endometrium.

DC9037 Norethindrone

Norethindrone is a synthetic progestin, which mimic the actions of the endogenous ovarian hormone progesterone.

DC41159 Norethisterone enanthate

Norethisterone enanthate is a long-acting parenteral progestogen. Norethisterone enanthate is orally active.

DC45379 Tibolone

Tibolone is a broad spectrum gonadal steroid agonist with progestagenic, androgenic, and estrogenic activities. Tibolone can be used for postmenopausal osteoporosis research.

DC45892 Promegestone

Promegestone (R-5020), a progestin, is a potent progesterone receptor (PR) agonist. Promegestone has the potential for endocrine regulation and cancer research.

DC46307 Norgestimate D6

Norgestimate D6 is the deuterium labeled Norgestimate. Norgestimate, a synthetic progesterone analog, is an orally active progestin with highly selective progestational activity and minimal androgenicity. Norgestimate is used for an oral contraceptive.

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