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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC12274 AZ82

AZ82 is a selective HSET/KIFC1 inhibitor, with a Ki of 43 nM and an IC50 of 300 nM for KIFC1.

DC9270 Eg5 Inhibitor III(Dimethylenastron) Featured

Eg5 Inhibitor III, Dimethylenastron is a cell-permeable quinazoline-thione compound that acts as a strong, specific, and reversible inhibitor of the microtubule-stimulated ATPase activity of the mitotic motor, Eg5.

DC7812 GSK923295 Featured

GSK923295 is a first-in-class, specific allosteric inhibitor of CENP-E kinesin motor ATPase with Ki of 3.2 nM, and less potent to mutant I182 and T183.

DC5107 SB-715992 (Ispinesib) Featured

Ispinesib (SB 715992) is a potent mitotic kinesin KSP (Eg5) inhibitor with a Ki and an IC50 of 0.6 and 4.1 nM, respectively.

DC9272 K 858 Featured

K 858 is an ATP-uncompetitive mitotic kinesin Eg5 inhibitor, which does not effect microtubule dynamics.

DC12220 Kinesore

Kinesore is an inhibitor of the KLC2-SKIP Interaction.

DC2082 Monastrol Featured

Monastrol is a reversible, cell-permeable inhibitor of the motor protein Eg5 (kinesin family protein 11, Kif11), blocking basal ATPase activity in vitro (IC50 = 6.1 µM) and inducing the formation of monoastral spindles in cell-based assays (IC50 = 51.3 μM

DC5137 SB 743921 Featured

SB743921 is a kinesin spindle protein (KSP) inhibitor with Ki of 0.1 nM, almost no affinity to MKLP1, Kin2, Kif1A, Kif15, KHC, Kif4 and CENP-E.

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