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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC7054 AM580 Featured

A retinoic acid analog and selective RARα agonist

DC11149 AC261066

AC261066 (AC-261066, AC261) is a potent, selective, orally available RARβ2 agonist with pEC50 of 8.1, displays selectivity over RARβ1, RARα and RARγ (pEC50=6.4, 6.2 and 6.3).

DC10135 AR-7 Featured

AR7 is a retinoic acid receptor α (RARα) antagonist.

DC10491 CD437 Featured

CD437 is a synthetic retinoid that is an RARγ-selective agonist. It displays RARγ-dependent and -independent effects on differentiation and apoptosis.

DC7714 Fenretinide (4-HPR) Featured

Fenretinide (4-HPR) is a synthetic retinoid deriverative. 4-HBR is shown to exhibit binding to the retinoic acid receptors (RAR) at concentrations necessary to induce cell death.

DC11167 HX600

HX600 (HX-600) is a synthetic agonist of RXR-Nurr1 heterodimer complex, also selectively activate NGFI-B/RXR heterodimers.

DC10833 LY2955303 Featured

LY2955303 is a potent and selective RAR-gamma antagonist for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain.

DC11245 UAB30

UAB30 (9cUAB30) is a novel synthetic rexinoid that binds selectively to the retinoid X receptor (RXR) leading to activation of genes involved in induction of differentiation and apoptosis.

DC28196 Ch55

Ch55 is a potent synthetic retinoid. Ch55 binds to RAR-α and RAR-β receptors with high affinity. Ch55 displays low affinity for cellular retinoic acid binding protein (CRABP). Ch55 is a potent inducer of the differentiation of HL60 cells with an EC50 of 200 nM. Ch55 can be used for cancer research.

DC28197 CD3254

CD3254 a potent and selective retinoid-X-receptor (RXR) agonist.

DC28199 CD2665

CD2665 is a selective RAR-beta/gamma antagonist, with Ki values of 110 nM, 306 nM for RARγ and RARβ, respectively.

DC28236 PA452

PA452, retinoic X receptor (RXR) specific antagonist, inhibits the effect of Retinoic acid (RA) on Th1/Th2 development.

DC28237 LG100754

LG100754 (UVI 2112) is a RXR dimers modulater. LG100754 acts as a RXR:RXR homodimer antagonist, but functions as a agonist towards RXR:PPARα and RXR:PPARγ heterodimers. LG100754 is an insulin sensitizer that functions through RXR.

DC28238 Fluorobexarotene Featured

Fluorobexarotene (compound 20) is a potent retinoid-X-receptor (RXR) agonist, with a Ki value of 12 nM and an EC50 value of 43 nM for RXRα receptor. Fluorobexarotene possesses an apparent RXR binding affinity that is 75% greater than Bexarotene.

DC28957 AGN194204

AGN194204 (IRX4204) is an orally active and selective RXR agonist with Kd values 0.4 nM, 3.6 nM and 3.8 nM and EC50s of 0.2 nM, 0.8 nM and 0.08 nM for RXRα, RXRβ and RXRγ, respectively. AGN194204 is inactive against RAR. AGN194204 has anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic actions.

DC40237 Bigelovin Featured

Bigelovin, a sesquiterpene lactone isolated from Inula helianthus-aquatica, is a selective retinoid X receptor α agonist. Bigelovin suppresses tumor growth through inducing apoptosis and autophagy via the inhibition of mTOR pathway regulated by ROS generation.

DC45484 16α-Hydroxytrametenolic acid

16α-Hydroxytrametenolic acid, a natural triterpene, is a potential retinoid X receptor (RXR) selective agonist.

DC47139 ATRA-biotin

ATRA-biotin (Biotin-ATRA-conjugate) is a biotin-conjugated ATRA. ATRA-biotin can be used to track ATRA in cells or a given tissue.

DC49018 AGN 192870

AGN 192870 is a RAR neutral antagonist with Kds of 147, 33, and 42 nM for RARα, RARβ, and RARγ, respectively. AGN 192870 shows IC50s of 87 and 32 nM for RARαand RARγ, respectively. AGN 192870 shows RARβ partial agonism.

DC49080 ER 50891

ER-50891 is a potent antagonist of retinoic acid receptor α(RARα). ER-50891 significantly attenuates ATRA's inhibitive effects on BMP 2-induced osteoblastogenesis.

DC49829 BMS641

BMS641 (BMS-209641) is a selective RARβ agonist. BMS641 has a higher affinity for RARβ (Kd, 2.5 nM) that is 100 times higher than that for RARα (Kd, 225 nM) or RARγ (Kd, 223 nM).

DC71186 CD2314

CD2314 is a potent and selective RARβ receptor agonist with a Kd of 195 nM in S91 melanoma cells.

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