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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC7736 6H05 Featured

6H05 is a selective, and allosteric inhibitor of oncogenic K-Ras(G12C).

DC10738 ARS-1323 Featured

ARS-1323 is a novel inhibitor of mutant K-ras G12C.

DC10725 ARS-1620 Featured

ARS-1620 is a covalent compound with high potency and selectivity for KRAS-G12C.

DC12031 ARS-1630 Featured

ARS-1630 is the R-conformational atropisomer of ARS-1620, 1,000-fold less potent than ARS-1620 (1.2 ± 0.6 M-1s-1) and thus acts as a unique inactive control compound..

DC8816 ARS-853 Featured

ARS-853 is a selective, covalent inhibitor of KRAS-G12C that inhibits mutant KRAS driven signaling by binding to the GDP bound oncoprotein and preventing activation.

DC11240 KBFM123

KBFM123 (KBFM-123) is a small molecule, allosteric inhibitor of GTP-bound form of H-Ras, weakly inhibits the association of H-RasG12V-GppNHp with c-Raf-1 RBD (Kd=10-100 uM).

DC11223 KRAS inhibitor C6ME

KRAS inhibitor C6ME is a small-molecule compound that blocks biochemical and cellular functions of KRASG12V in vitro..

DC11222 KRAS inhibitor Cmpd2

KRAS inhibitor Cmpd2 is a small-molecule compound that blocks biochemical and cellular functions of KRASG12V with IC50 of 0.8 uM in vitro.

DC7793 K RAS INHIBITOR-12 Featured

K-Ras(G12C) inhibitor 12 is an allosteric inhibitor of oncogenic K-Ras(G12C).

DC9906 K-Ras-IN-1 Featured

K-Ras-IN-1 is a K-Ras inhibitor, by binding to K-Ras in a hydrophobic pocket that is occupied by Tyr-71 in the apo-Ras crystal structure.

DC7467 ML-098 Featured

ML-098 is an activator of the GTP-binding protein Rab7 (EC50 = 77.6 nM) that demonstrates selectivity against the related GTPases cdc42, Ras, Rab-2A, and Rac1 (EC50s = 588.8, 346.7, 158.5, and 794.3 nM, respectively).

DC7963 NSC-23766 free base Featured

NSC 23766 is a specific inhibitor of the binding and activation of RAC GTPase with IC50 of ~50 μM; does not inhibit the closely related targets, Cdc42 or RhoA.

DC8725 NSC 23766 Featured

NSC 23766 is a specific inhibitor of the binding and activation of Rac GTPase.

DC10199 Pan-RAS-IN-1

Pan-RAS-IN-1 is a pan-Ras inhibitor that disrupts the interaction of Ras proteins and their effectors.

DC11216 RAS inhibitor Abd-7

RAS inhibitor Abd-7 is a potent RAS-binding compound (Kd=51 nM) that interacts with RAS in cells, prevents RAS-effector interactions and inhibits endogenous RAS-dependent signalling.

DC10949 RasGRP3 ligand 96 Featured

RasGRP3 ligand 96 is a potent, selective ligand of Ras guanine-releasing protein 3 (RasGRP3) with Ki of 1.75 nM, showed 73-fold and 45-fold selectivity relative to PKCα and PKCε for in vitro binding activity resepctively.

DC11034 SOS1 activator 17

SOS1 activator 17 is a small molecule activator of guanine nucleotide exchange factor SOS1 with EC50 of 0.8 uM, modulates RAS signaling in vitro.

DC7344 ZCL 278 Featured

ZCL278 is a Cdc42 small molecule modulator that directly binds to Cdc42 (Kd=11.4 uM) and inhibits Cdc42-intersectin interaction.

DC26136 MRTX849(Adagrasib) Featured

MRTX849(Adagrasib) is a potent, orally-available, and mutation-selective covalent inhibitor of KRAS G12C with potential antineoplastic activity. MRTX849 covalently binds to KRAS G12C at the cysteine at residue 12, locks the protein in its inactive GDP-bou

DC28559 RAS GTPase inhibitor 1

RAS GTPase inhibitor 1 (example 51) is a RAS GTPase inhibitor with anti-tumor activity, extracted from patent WO2018212774A1. RAS GTPase inhibitor 1 (example 51) exhibits an EC50 less than 1 μM for at least one nucleotide exchange and an IC50 less than 1 μM in H727 cells.

DC39083 BI-3406(SOS1-IN-2) Featured

BI-3406 (compound I-6) is a potent, selective and orally active inhibitor of the interaction between KRAS and Son of Sevenless 1 (SOS1) with IC50 of 6 nM. BI-3406 reduces the formation of GTP-loaded KRAS, and inhibits MAPK pathway signaling. BI-3406 exhib

DC40333 APS6-45 Featured

APS6-45 is an orally active tumor-calibrated inhibitor (TCI). APS6-45 inhibits RAS/MAPK signaling and exhibits antitumor activity.

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