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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC11771 AZ-27

A potent non-nucleoside RSV L-protein polymerase inhibitor with EC50 of 0.01 uM and 1.3 uM for RSV A2 and RSV B-WST, respectively.

DC11773 BI Compound D

A potent non-nucleoside RSV L-protein polymerase inhibitor with IC50 of 89 nM.

DC11772 AZD-4316

A potent respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) fusion inhibitor..

DC11647 JNJ-2408068

A potent RSV fusion inhibitor with EC50 of 0.16 nM against some lab strains.

DC11774 YM-53403

A specific anti-respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) agent with EC50 of 0.2 uM in plaque reduction assays.

DC21382 EIDD-1931(NHC) Featured

EIDD-1931 (β-d-N4-Hydroxycytidine, NHC) inhibits both murine hepatitis virus (MHV) (EC50 of 0.17 μM) and Middle East respiratory syndrome CoV (MERS-CoV) (EC50 of 0.56 μM) with minimal cytotoxicity. It also inhibits SARS-CoV-2 and multiple 2 endemic, epidemic and bat coronavirus.

DC11770 PC786

PC786 (PC-786) is a potent non-nucleoside RSV L-protein polymerase inhibitor with IC50 of 2.1 nM and 0.5 nM in cell-free enzyme assay and mini-genome assay in HEp-2 cells, respectively.

DC10006 RSV-604 Featured

RSV604 is a novel inhibitor of respiratory syncytial virus replication(EC50=0.86 uM); a putative RSV nucleoprotein(N) inhibitor in phase 2 clinical trials.

DC10435 RSV604 racemate

RSV604 racemate is a racemic mixture, shows less potency against strains of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) than the S-isomer.

DC9618 TMC353121

TMC353121 is a potent RSV fusion inhibitor with pEC50 of 9.9(t1/2 in lung = 25 h).

DC40330 Quercetin pentaacetate

Quercetin pentaacetate could interact with F-protein with lower binding energy and better stability to block viral adhesion. Quercetin pentaacetate interacts with RSV and inhibit the viral adhesion on cell surface.

DC41364 ent-11β-Hydroxyatis-16-ene-3,14-dione

ent-11β-Hydroxyatis-16-ene-3,14-dione (compound 11) is a diterpenoid from the fresh roots of Euphorbia jolkinii. ent-11β-Hydroxyatis-16-ene-3,14-dione has anti-RSV activity.

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