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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC10388 (R)-BPO-27

(R)-BPO-27 is a potent CFTR inhibitor with an IC50 of 4 nM

DC12003 Corr4A Featured

A small molecule corrector of ΔF508-CFTR with IC50 of 6.0 uM..

DC10387 BPO-27 racemat

BPO-27 racemate is a potent CFTR inhibitor with an IC50 of 8 nM.

DC7039 CFTR Inhibitor II Featured

CFTR Inhibitor II is a cell-permeable glycinyl hydrazone compound that acts as a potent, selective and reversible open-channel blocker of CFTR with intermediate speed (< 1 min; 95% inhibition at 50 µM; Ki = 4.3 µM in CFTR-expressing FRT cells.

DC10753 GLPG-1837(ABBV-974) Featured

GLPG-1837(ABBV-974) is a novel cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator CFTR potentiator.

DC11678 GLPG-2222

GLPG-2222 (ABBV-2222, Galicaftor) is a novel potent and efficacious CFTR corrector with EC50 of 5 nM.

DC7172 IOWH-032

iOWH032 is a novel and potent CFTR inhibitor (IC50=1.01 uM) in T84 and CHO-CFTR cell based assays.

DC4128 Ivacaftor (VX-770) Featured

Ivacaftor (VX-770, Kalydeco) is a potentiator of CFTR targeting G551D-CFTR and F508del-CFTR with EC50 of 100 nM and 25 nM, respectively.

DC9276 KM 11060 Featured

KM 11060 corrects F508del-CFTR trafficking, increasing the amount of functional CFTR at the plasma membrane (~75%) and Inhibits PDE5 activity.

DC11096 Olacaftor

Olacaftor (VX-440, VX440) is a next-generation CFTR corrector, showsthe potential to enhance the amount of CFTR protein at the cell’s surface and for treatment of cystic fibrosis..

DC7483 PPQ-102 Featured

PPQ-102 is a potent CFTR inhibitor which can completely inhibited CFTR chloride current with IC 50approximately 90 nM.

DC7100 CFTRinh 172 Featured

Voltage-independent, selective CFTR chloride channel blocker (Ki = 300 nM) that alters channel gating.

DC7531 VX661 Featured

VX-661 is a second F508del CFTR corrector and is believed to help CFTR protein reach the cell surface.

DC1059 Lumacaftor(vx-809,vx809) Featured

VX-809 is a CFTR modulator with EC50 of 0.1 μM.

DC28157 PG01

PG01 is a potent CFTR Cl- channel potentiator. PG01 can correct gating defects of CFTR mutants, is effective on b>E193K, G970R and G551D (CFTR mutants) with Kd values of 0.22 μM, 0.45 μM and 1.94 μM, respectively. PG01 is also effective on ΔF508 (Ka of 0.3 μM). PG01 increases ΔF508-CFTR Cl- current after adding Forskolin.

DC28703 GLPG-3221

GLPG-3221 is a potent, orally active corrector of CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator), with an EC50 of 105 nM. GLPG-3221 can be uesd for the treatment of cystic fibrosis.

DC28791 CFTR corrector 4

CFTR corrector 4 (Compound 13), an active (R,R)-form enantiomer, is a highly potent and orally active cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) corrector. CFTR corrector 4 can increase CFTR levels at the cell surface and have the potential for treatment of cystic fibrosis.

DC41585 K41498 TFA

K41498 TFA is a potent and highly selective CRF2?receptor antagonist with Ki?values of 0.66 nM, 0.62 nM and 425 nM for human CRF2α, CRF2β?and CRF1 receptors respectively. K41498 TFA is an analogues of antisauvagine-30 (aSvg-30), inhibits sauvagine-stimulated cAMP accumulation in hCRF2α- and hCRF2β-expressing cells. K41498 TFA can be used for hypotension?study.

DC42510 Ivacaftor-D9

Ivacaftor-D9 (CTP-656) is a potent CFTR modulator and exhibits an EC50 value of 255 nM for CFTR potentiation in G551D/F508del HBE Cells. Ivacaftor-D9 acts as an orally active and improved deuterated Ivacaftor analog for cystic fibrosis research.

DC44162 Posenacaftor sodium

Posenacaftor (PTI-801) sodium is a cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator (CFTR) protein modulator that corrects the folding and trafficking of CFTR protein. Posenacaftor sodium is used for the research of cystic fibrosis (CF).

DC45320 Kobusin

Kobusin is a bisepoxylignan isolated from the Pnonobio biondii Pamp. Kobusin is an activator of CFTR and CaCCgie chloride channels and a inhibitor of ANO1/CaCC (calcium-activated chloride channel) channel.

DC46166 Crinecerfont hydrochloride

Crinecerfont (SSR-125543) hydrochloride is a potent, orally active, non-peptide CRF1 receptor antagonist. Crinecerfont can be used for Classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) research.

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