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DC4131 SR48692 Featured

SR 48692 is a neurotensin antagonist; selective for NTS1 over NTS2 (apparent affinity, Ke, is 36 nM for NTS1). Competitively inhibits binding of [125I]-neurotensin to HT29 and N1E115 cell membranes (IC50 values are 15.3 and 20.4 nM respectively).

DC28455 NTRC-824

NTRC-824 (Compound 5) is a potent, selective and neurotensin-like nonpeptide neurotensin receptor type 2 (NTS2) antagonist with an IC50 of 38 nM and a Ki of 202 nM. NTRC-824 is >150-fold selectivity for NTS2 over NTS1 (Ki >30 μM).

DC41694 JMV 449

JMV 449 is a potent neurotensin receptor agonist. JMV 449 shows an IC50 of 0.5 nM in binding to mouse brain membranes and an EC50 of 1.9 nM in contracting the guinea-pig ileum. JMV 449 has highly potent and long-lasting hypothermic and analgesic effects in the mouse.

DC42046 [Lys8, Lys9]-Neurotensin (8-13)

[Lys8, Lys9]-Neurotensin (8-13) (JMV438), a Neurotensin analog, exerts its analgesic effects through activation of the G protein-coupled receptors NTS1 and NTS2, with Ki values of 0.33 nM and 0.95 nM for hNTS1 and hNTS2 receptors, respectively.

DC42313 [D-Trp11]-Neurotensin

[D-Trp11]-Neurotensin, an analogue of Neurotensin (NT), is a selective antagonist of NT in perfused rat hearts but behaves as a full agonist in guinea pig atria and rat stomach strips. [D-Trp11]-Neurotensin can inhibit NT-induced hypotension.

DC44146 SORT-PGRN interaction inhibitor 1

SORT-PGRN interaction inhibitor 1 is a potent inhibitor of the sortilin-progranulin interaction with an IC50 of 2 μM.

DC44747 JMV 449 acetate

JMV 449 acetate is a potent neurotensin receptor agonist. JMV 449 acetate shows an IC50 of 0.15 nM for inhibition of [125I]-neurotensin binding to neonatal mouse brain and an EC50 of 1.9 nM in contracting the guinea-pig ileum. JMV 449 acetate has highly p

DC47552 VGD071

VGD071, a sortilin-targeting compound, is a promising candidate for future studies using mouse breast cancer models.

DC49365 Zendusortide

Zendusortide is a sortilin binding peptide.

DC72204 THX-B

THX-B is a potent and non-peptidic p75NTR (neurotrophin receptor p75) antagonist. THX-B can be used in the research of diabetic kidney disease, neurodegenerative and inflammatory disorders.

DC73472 ML301

ML301 is a selective full (79-93%) neurotensin-1 (NTR1) receptor agonist with EC50 of 2.0-4.1 uM, good selectivity relative to NTR2 and GPR35.

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