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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC9044 2-Methoxyestradiol Featured

2-methoxyestradiol (2ME2; NSC-659853) is a natural metabolite of estrogen that is known to inhibit HIF-1 alpha with an IC50 of 0.71 ± 0.11 μM for the inhibition of BPAEC migration.

DC11607 JTZ-951(Enarodustat) Featured

A novel potent, orally active HIF prolyl hydroxylase (PHD) inhibitor with IC50 of 0.22 uM for PHD2.

DC11608 JTZ-951 hydrochloride

A novel potent, orally active HIF prolyl hydroxylase (PHD) inhibitor with IC50 of 0.22 uM for PHD2.

DC8188 Daprodustat Featured

Daprodustat(GSK1278863) isa HIF-prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor.

DC11402 Desidustat Featured

Desidustat is an inhibitor of HIF hydroxylase.

DC8195 FG2216 Featured

FG-2216 is a potent HIF-prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor with IC50 of 3.9 uM for PDH2 enzyme; orally bioavailable and induced significant and reversible Epo induction in vivo.

DC5193 Roxadustat(FG-4592) Featured

FG-4592 is an HIF αprolyl hydroxylase inhibitor, stabilizes HIF-2 and induces EPO production.

DC8166 Molidustat(BAY 85-3934) Featured

Hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor

DC11782 IDF-11774 Featured

IDF-11774 is a novel hypoxia-inducible factor α (HIFα)-1 inhibitor with an IC50 of 3.65 μM.

DC10825 IOX4 Featured

IOX4 is a potent inhibitor of PHD2 (IC50 = 1.6 nM).

DC8617 JNJ-42041935 Featured

JNJ-42041935 is a potent (pKi = 7.3-7.9), 2-oxoglutarate competitive, reversible, and selective inhibitor of PHD enzymes.

DC8447 KC7F2 Featured

KC7F2 is a potent HIF-1 pathway inhibitor and that its potential as a cancer therapy agent warrants further study.

DC12043 KHS-101 Featured

KHS101 is a selective inducer of neuronal differentiation; induces neuronal differentiation in cultured hippocampal neural progenitor cells (NPCs) by interacting with TACC3 (EC50 ~1 μM).

DC7683 ML-228

ML-228 is a hIF pathway activator (EC50 values are 1.23 and 1.4 μM for HRE gene reporter assay and HIF-1α nuclear translocation assay respectively); acts via chelation of iron, independently of PHD.

DC8390 Oltipraz Featured

Oltipraz is a potent Nrf2 activator and a potent inducer of Phase II detoxification enzymes, most notably glutathione-S-transferase (GST). Phase 3.

DC10464 PT2385 Featured

PT2385 is an orally active, small molecule inhibitor of hypoxia inducible factor (HIF)-2alpha, with potential antineoplastic activity.

DC9811 PT2399 Featured

PT2399(PT=2399) is a novel HIF2α Antagonist.

DC7486 PX-478 2HCL Featured

PX-478 is an inhibitor of HIF-1a with an IC50 of 20-30μM enhances radiosensitivity of prostate carcinoma cells.

DC10436 SYP-5 Featured

SYP-5 is a novel HIF-1 inhibitor, suppresses tumor cells invasion and angiogenesis.

DC10339 Vadadustat Featured

Vadadustat is a novel, titratable, oral hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase (HIF-PH) inhibitor in development for the treatment of anemia.

DC28630 HIF-2α-IN-2

HIF-2α-IN-2 is a hypoxia-inducible factors (HIF-2α) inhibitor extracted from patent WO2015035223A1, Compound 232, has an IC50 of 16 nM in scintillation proximity assay (SPA).

DC41030 1,4-DPCA ethyl ester

1,4-DPCA ethyl ester is the ethyl ester of 1,4-DPCA and can inhibit factor inhibiting HIF (FIH).

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