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DCK-004 corilagin

>98%,Standard References

DC10920 A12B4C3

A12B4C3 (hPNKP inhibitor A12B4C3) is a specific, noncompetitive inhibitor of the human DNA repair enzyme polynucleotide kinase/phosphatase (hPNKP) with C50 of 60 nM, displays no inhibition of calcineurin and protein phosphatase-1 or APTX.

DC10950 AOH1160

AOH1160 is a potent, first-in-class, orally available small molecule inhibitor of Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA).

DC10026 B02 Featured

B02 is a cell-permeable pyridinylvinyl-quinazolinone compound that is shown to specifically inhibit human RAD51 (IC50 = 27.4 µM).

DC9697 HUHS015 Featured

HUHS015 is a prostate cancer antigen (PCA)-1/AlkB homologue 3 (ALKBH3) inhibitor.

DC7771 ML216 Featured

ML216(CID-49852229) is a potent inhibitor of the DNA unwinding activity of BLM helicase; showing similar IC50s of 3.0 and 0.97 μM for full length BLM and BLM636–1298 respectively.

DC10375 YU238259 Featured

YU238259 is a novel inhibitor of homology-dependent DNA repair(HDR), but does not inhibit non-homologous end-joining (NHEJ), in cell-based GFP reporter assays.

DC70162 A83B4C63

A83B4C63 is a potent small molecule DNA repair protein, polynucleotide kinase 3'-phosphatase (PNKP) inhibitor with Kd of 80 nM.A83B4C63 is a nano-encapsulated potent, but poorly water-soluble lead PNKP inhibitor with therapeutic potential for PTEN-deficient CRC.Nano-carriers of A83B4C63 effectively inhibited the growth of HCT116/PTEN-/- xenografts in NIH-III nude mice following intravenous (IV) administration, but not that of wild-type HCT116/PTEN+/+ xenografts.A83B4C63 encapsulated in NPs (NP/A83) based on mPEO-b-PBCL or solubilized with CE/A83, sensitized colorectal cancer cells to DNA damaging therapeutics in human HCT116 colorectal cancer (CRC) models.

DC70198 And1 inhibitor CH3

And1 inhibitor CH3 is potent acidic nucleoplasmic DNA-binding protein 1 (And-1) inhibitor, reducess And‐1 expression level in IGROV1 cells with IC50 of 2.08 uM.CH3 induces acidic nucleoplasmic DNA‐binding protein 1 (And‐1) degradation via the E3 ubiquitin ligase CUL4B‐mediated proteasome degradation pathway.CH3 promotes the interaction between And‐1 and CUL4B by altering And‐1 conformation.CH3 exhibits the significant inhibition in a broad range of cancer cells in vitro and in vivo.CH3 (20 mg/kg and 40 mg/kg) reduced tumor growth of ovarian IGROV1 and breast MCF7 xenografts at both treated doses.CH3 also could overcome cisplatin resistance in ovarian cancer.And1 is an important factor for deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) replication and repair, is overexpressed in many types of cancer but not in normal tissues.

DC70259 BLM inhibitor 2

BLM inhibitor 2 is a specific inhibitor of BLM (Bloom syndrome protein) ATPase-coupled DNA helicase activity (IC50=2.2 uM) via the allosteric binding site.BLM inhibitor 2 displays high selectivity over members of the RecQ-helicase family in ATP-turnover assays, including recombinant helicase domains (HD) from human WRN, human RecQ5 or E. coli helicase UvrD, and human RecQ1.BLM inhibitor 2 is a non-competitive inhibitor, does not interfere with ATP-binding, unliker ML216.BLM inhibitor 2 inhibits production of the single-stranded DNA product in a dose-dependent manner (IC50=1.8 uM) via inhibition of the helicase activity of BLM-HD.BLM (Bloom syndrome protein) is a RECQ-family helicase involved in the dissolution of complex DNA structures and repair intermediates (BLM, WRN, RECQ1, RECQ4, and RECQ5 in humans).

DC73189 H3B-960

H3B-960 is a potent, selective and covalent inhibitor of Werner syndrome protein (WRN) helicase activity with IC50 of 60 nM.

DC73190 H3B-968

H3B-968 is a potent, selective and covalent inhibitor of Werner syndrome protein (WRN) helicase activity with IC50 of 41 and 13 nM in ADP-Glo assay DNA unwinding assay, respectively.

DC73191 HRO761

HRO761 (HRO-761) is the first potent and selective, allosteric inhibitor of RecQ DNA helicase WRN with IC50 of 50 nM, shows potent and selective anti-tumor activity in cancers with microsatellite instability.

DC73192 KY386

KY386 is a potent, selective inhibitor of RNA helicase DHX33 with IC50 of 19 nM.

DC73193 SU0448

SU0448 is a specific, cell-permeable small molecule activator of the DNA repair enzyme Human MutT Homolog 1 (MTH1) with AC50 value of 5.5 uM, inhibits cell viability of HCC1806 cells with IC50 of 36.1 uM.

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