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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC11507 CLP257 Featured

CLP257 (CLP-257) is a potent, selective K+-Cl- cotransporter KCC2 activator with EC50 of 616 nM; displays selectivity for KCC2 over other KCC family members, NKCC1 and GABAA receptors, and a panel of 55 other receptors; restores impaired Cl(-) transport in neurons, rescues KCC2 plasma membrane expression; renormalizes stimulus-evoked responses in spinal nociceptive pathways in a rat model of neuropathic pain.

DC11173 DRAinh-A250

DRAinh-A250 is a specific inhibitor of Cl-/anion exchanger SLC26A3 (DRA), fully and reversibly inhibits SLC26A3-mediated Cl- exchange with HCO3-, I-, and thiocyanate (SCN-) with IC50 of ~0.2 uM.

DC8601 IAA-94

IAA-94 is an indanyloxyacetic acid blocker of epithelial chloride channels.

DC12169 (N-Cyclopropyl-N-(4-methyl-2-thiazolyl)-2-[(6-phenyl-3-pyridazinyl)thio]acetamide)

VU0463271 is a potent KCC2 antagonist, with an IC50 of 61 nM.

DC29060 Picrotoxinin

Picrotoxinin, a potent convulsant, is a chloride channel blocker. Picrotoxinin is a noncompetitive GABAA receptor antagonist, which negatively modulates the action of GABA on GABAA receptors.

DC42220 Fenamic acid

Fenamic acid is a chloride channel blocker.

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